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Core Products Sheboygan

The team at Heinen Chiropractic, S.C. is here to make sure that you and your family live the best possible life, free from pain and illness. Along with natural chiropractic care, we provide a full range of high-quality products to complement your healing. One of these lines is from Core Products International, Inc. This company dates back to 1988 and makes a broad variety of therapeutic products that are comfortable and easy to wear and use.

The Tri-Core® Pillow

Core PillowOne day, Phil Mattison couldn’t take any more of his sore neck. He went to see a chiropractor, who discovered that his pain was from having an improper sleeping position. Phil and his chiropractor worked together to develop a new pillow that would support the spine. The result of their efforts was the Wave Comfort® Pillow. Over the following years, Phil took the design and evolved it into a fiber cervical pillow. This pillow was called the Tri-Core.

Back BracePhil is now the president of Core Products International, Inc. Their product line has expanded to therapy and support products. Just like the Wave pillow, each product is designed in collaboration with healthcare providers. Their Tri-Core pillow is one of the most popular products purchased at our office.

Effective, Comfortable Products

Core products are medically useful, but their benefits don’t end there. They’re also comfortable to use or wear. After all, the company’s promise is to “make your life more comfortable.” You can try out their supports, pillows, braces, hot therapy or cold therapy. Find out why thousands of people around the globe have chosen to use Core!

Chair Support
Core Back Rest
Core Cool Pillow
Wrist Brace

Learn More Today

Would you like to find out more about Core products Sheboygan or chiropractic care? You can contact our team today by phone or email. You’re also welcome to stop by our office at any time for a visit and to look at our healing products.


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