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Nutrition at Heinen Chiropractic, S.C. | Chiropractor’s Blend

What is Chiropractor’s Blend?

Heinen Chiropractic, S.C., carries these Chiropractors blend products

Heinen Chiropractic, S.C., carries these products

Chiropractor’s Blend has dedicated itself for years to helping people and families like yours reach their goals with their health and nutrition needs. We believe that nutrition plays a vital role for a complete lifetime of health and wellness, which also incorporates chiropractic care, Fitness, and the food choices you make for you and your family.

Chiropractor’s Blend uses a combination of GMP Certified Organic and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing. This sets a standard for Chiropractor’s Blend’s purity and quality, creating award winning nutrition, found only through your Doctor of Chiropractic.

Years of combined experience in the international sourcing of raw materials, allows Chiropractor’s Blend to deliver consistent high quality raw materials for each product, while still ensuring competitive prices. From its inception, we have placed a priority on formulating superior nutritional products that will withstand the critical eye of fellow researchers in nutritional science.

Wellness Through Chiropractic

From all of us here at Heinen Chiropractic, S.C., we wish you and your family continued health and wellness for years to come.

Our culture has reached the point where we must take a second look at certain established beliefs for the way we are being influenced in regards to our health care and the health care of our children. It seems as though the time has come to consider using conservative methods instead of simply following the accepted norms, and time to look at prevention in terms of nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic care… all of which allow the body to heal itself naturally just like it was designed to do!

The Chiropractic Wellness model of health is centered on the philosophy that the human body will heal itself given the right opportunity. In other words, the body heals from the inside out. Interference to the nervous system, caused by a vertebral subluxation complex (more commonly called a subluxation) will effect how the nervous system relates to the cells to which it influences.

Doctors of Chiropractic essentially promote the healing process by minimizing interference to the nervous system. By detecting and correcting nerve interference, doctors of chiropractic facilitate the healing process, but it is your body that does the healing!

Heinen Chiropractic, S.C. in Sheboygan offers only the best available nutritional supplements. As in all aspects of your care, we provide you only with the best solutions to your health issues.

Ask Dr. Heinen which products would be best for you, call now!

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