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Your Heinen Chiropractic, S.C. Team

Wendee Hauch, CT

{PRACTICE NAME} Office Manager, Wendee HauchWendee joined our team in October of 2006. She is our office manager and insurance specialist. She knows every aspect of insurance billing, and does well to get your claims paid. She can answer any question you have regarding your insurance, and how they will pay.

She has extensive training in medical claims preparation and processing, transcription, coding, and documentation. She is Medicare, Medicaid, Anthem, Chiro Code, and Gateway certified. She also holds the AMC-CA certificate and is a member of the American Chiropractic Associaton. She has a Medical Secretary Associate degree from Lakeshore Technical College, and currently serves on the LTC Medical Advisory Board. Many times, other area chiropractic offices will call Wendee regarding their patient insurance questions. Not only can Wendee handle all of your insurance and billing needs, but she also holds a Chiropractic Technician license and is fully certified to apply all of the therapies in our office. She has been a great asset to our office, and the chiropractic profession.

{PRACTICE NAME} Chiropractic Assistant, Amber Christensen

Amber Christensen, CT, CRT

Amber joined our team in 2015. She has a Chiropractic Technician license and a Chiropractic Radiological Technician license. Amber has a nursing background through Viterbo University and UW LaCrosse. She assists patients with electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, traction, light therapy, therapeutic exercise, x-rays and custom foot orthotics in our office. Amber’s passion for natural healing makes her an asset to our team.

{PRACTICE NAME} Chiropractic Assistant, Allison Hauch

Allison Hauch, CA

Allison joined our team in 2015. She works as our Chiropractic Assistant and has business and management training through Lakeshore Technical College. Allison primarily works on marketing, promotions, medical records requests, and patient communication. You will always find a contagious smile on her face.

{PRACTICE NAME} Chiropractic Assistant, Shirley Ruppel

Shirley Ruppel, CA, CNA

Shirley joined our team in 2016. She works as one of our Chiropractic Assistants and has a Certified Nursing Assistant degree through studies at Lakeshore Technical College and Moraine Park. She works at our front desk scheduling appointments, assisting patients with paperwork, data entry, and sees that every patient understands their care. Shirley also assists Dr.Heinen with patient examinations. She is a pleasure to have on our team. Shirley makes you feel welcome the first time you meet her.

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